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Undergraduate On-campus FWSP Referral form

On Campus (Students working at Harvard are paid directly by the department employing them.) All fields REQUIRED.

Student Information or

Job Information

(Please note: Federal guidelines require a written job description. We cannot accept your referral card without a written description.)
*Please Note: Summer FWSP date range is 05.15.17 – 08.26.17
*(Please Note: The FWSP wage guidelines for undergraduate students is a minimum of $11.00)

Supervisor Information

Department Information:

Ask your supervisor or payroll administrator for the information requested below.

Please ask your supervisor for the tub.
Please ask your supervisor for the org.
(If same as supervisor, please copy and paste the information from above into these fields also. If different please inquire so you can complete this field correctly.)

We will email your FAS account and the supervisor provided within the next 3-4 business days to confirm your Federal Work Study Eligibility. Please visit to verify your eligibility status. After you click on the submit button you will be provided with the links for additional tax information and other required documents. Please Note: Term-Time Job is distinct from Federal Work Study