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‘Levolution:’ Life amid renewal

January 8, 2014

As renewal continues at Leverett House’s McKinlock Hall, life in “Old Lev” still flourishes. A recent event called a “giant study break” brought together students from the various swing housing... Continue reading

Color-coded labels, healthier food

January 7, 2014

Using color-coded labels to mark healthier foods and then displaying them more prominently appears to have prompted customers to make more healthful long-term dining choices in their large hospital... Continue reading

Fighting disease on a global scale

January 7, 2014

The idea that the wave of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer breaking over the world is largely the result of wealth and inactivity is not only wrong, it’s counterproductive, says a Harvard... Continue reading

Ludwig Cancer Research awards HMS $90M

January 6, 2014

Ludwig Cancer Research, on behalf of its founder, Daniel K. Ludwig, has given Harvard Medical School (HMS) $90 million to spur innovative scientific inquiry and discovery. This grant reflects a... Continue reading

Update on submitted applications

January 5, 2014

Due to the volume of application submissions at or near the deadline, the Admissions Office is still processing applications. Therefore, your applicant status may not reflect all materials received... Continue reading

Following the weather

January 2, 2014

From the violence of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot to Earth’s own extreme weather, Pedram Hassanzadeh is investigating atmospheric vortices, those swirling air masses that make the weather go — and... Continue reading