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4 Reasons Why Freshman Year is the Greatest

My freshman year is officially over! :( Even though I am excited and ready to move into my upperclassmen house, Cabot, and start my sophomore year, I will always have a fond nostalgia for freshman year. From the dorms to the location, there are so many great things about Harvard. But these are my five top reasons that made my freshman year great! 

4. Academics 
    If you’re thinking about applying to Harvard, probably one of the reasons is the academics. A lot of students, myself included, are scared about the work load and the difficulty of Harvard. Harvard isn’t a walk in the park, but it also isn’t something extremely hard that you can’t manage. Like college, you will find rough patches, but I think Harvard is one of the best places to have those. For me, I was struggling with finding out what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a doctor, then a professor. Sometimes a Supreme Court Justice. I came in very undecided and I was so scared I would never find what I wanted to study. Harvard gave me the flexibility to try out new things and a lot of things. This past year I took classes in Sociology, Economics, Government, African American Studies, and more. Harvard has so many options for courses. It was great being able to explore so many different options. Even though I’m still undecided, I don’t have to know right away because I have until the end of my sophomore fall to formally declare my concentration, our fancy name for major. Even after that, If I am  still unsure about my concentration I am able to change it. 

Me after a day of classes

3. The Berg  
    Annenberg, or The Berg as we call it, is the freshman only dining hall on campus. It’s basically the Great Hall of Hogwarts and a great social place! You will walk in and know that everyone there is a freshman and that you can sit at any table and meet someone new. Being able to have that intimate atmosphere is great. I know sometimes I would think I would go into The Berg for only 30 minutes and come out 2 hours later because of how a social place it is. I can always find my friends sitting at different tables and know I have somewhere to sit the moment I walk in.  On Sundays we make Veritaffles and Sundae Sundays. It’s great having a big waffle in the morning and having a nice cold sundae at dinner. Even though I will no longer have access to Annenberg, I am glad I got to have a year to be in The Berg and will miss it dearly. 

Annenberg or The Berg or The Great Hall of Hogwarts

My First Veritaffle
2. Extraccuriculars 
    Extracurriculars are a great part of Harvard life. I have met so many people from so many different backgrounds. Personally, I am involved in cultural groups and Greek life on campus. The two cultural groups that have made a huge impact on me is Fuerza Latina and Association of Black Harvard Women(ABHW). Through both I have met upperclassmen that have not only guided me through my freshman year and the people I plan to live with for the next few years. It’s great having these organizations become a smaller home within the larger Harvard campus. In addition, I am involved with Greek life on campus. If you told me before coming to college that I would have been involved in Greek life, I would have been shocked and thought you were crazy. But here I am now, a proud member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. What’s great about Greek life here is that it is as much of a time commitment as you want to make it. Greek life is nonresidential and not officially recognized by Harvard, so it is simply another social organization for me. Through Greek life, I have met people I would not have normally met because of different schedules, academic interests, and extracurricular interests. It is amazing to have this social hub to meet everyone from freshman to seniors. 

Last Fuerza Latina meeting of the year

Me and my Fuerza Latina Big Sib <3

Me and my freshmen friends at Tribute to Black Men, a event ABHW hosted, celebrating Black men on campus

Me and my Kappas

1. The People
    Lastly, the best thing by far are the people. I cannot stress enough how amazing the people on this campus are. You will meet students from all over the world who do so many different things. I have met people that I now consider my family. Because of all these people, Harvard has become a second home. I love knowing that the people I meet here will be friends for a lifetime. I know that there is always someone I can go to if I am having a rough time. I know that I will always have someone to hang out with on the weekend. The people make Harvard what it is. 

Me and one of my three roomates <3

Me and one of my close friends from ABHW. Look at our matching ABHW hats!

Me and my close friends at Freshman Formal


Freshman year has been a great experience for me. I joined amazing extracurriculars, dined at Hogwarts, tried so many different courses, and most importantly, met longtime friends. Can’t wait to see what sophomore year holds for me!

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