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Trying New Things: Extracurricular Activities

Coming to Harvard, I knew absolutely no one and had never been exposed to such vast opportunities, especially regarding extracurricular activities.  However, I have always loved trying new things and was ready to jump into new activities with both feet!


As a result, I have been able to find some amazing extracurriculars to join and have met wonderful people along the way, truly making my Harvard experience awesome!

On campus, I am primarily involved in four different extracurricular activities:

I tap dance with Harvard TAPS

I am posing with the rest of my fellow tap dancers in Harvard TAPS as we prepare to take a bow after a number in our show.

Photo Credit: Vimal Konduri

Here we are, the members of Harvard TAPS, getting ready to take a bow after a number in our spring show, Anything Can Tappin’!  Photo creds to Vimal Konduri.

Growing up, I took dance lessons at a local studio.  I danced for 11 years, but did not dance past my freshman year of high school.  When I came to campus for VISITAS, I saw TAPS perfom and the entire time was like:


“Wow, this is something I want to do!!”

After coming to campus, I attended a few more shows, and had similar reactions every time.  Then, at auditions, I realized it had been like four years since I had even put on my tap shoes….auditions were pretty rough, least to say.  But, everything worked out well, thankfully!  For TAPS, we had our own spring show here on campus and also travelled to nearby schools to perform in their tap shows.  I definitely missed it, and am glad to be dancing again!

I am a member of the Student Astronomers at Harvard-Radcliffe group (STAHR)

I am standing with some friends in front of a  sign that reads "To the telescopes" and we are on our way to the observatory.

I first became involved with the STAHR group, again at VISITAS, when I attended an open house.  I was then able to sign-up and participate in a telescope training class, once on campus.  I now know how to use the telescope and have swipe access to the observatory.

I am standing with friends on the balcony attached to the STAHR observatory which overlooks the Cambridge city skyline.

One of my favorite parts about having swipe-access to the observatory is this attached balcony, that offers an amazing overlook to the Cambridge city skyline!

I am also a member of the Catholic Student Association (CSA)

I am standing with members of my bible study class.  We are all dressed in Harvard gear before the Harvard-Yale football game.

Here I am with members of my Bible Study group, before we all head to the Harvard-Yale football game together!

Before coming to college, if you would have asked me if I would be involved in a religious group, I would have told you absolutely not.  However, I am so thankful to have joined such a wonderful community.  I first became involved with the CSA when I went on a retreat trip to NYC.  I met some of my closest friends on the trip and now make a point to go to student mass, adoration, and a weekly bible study.

And I also participate in Intramural Sports!

I am posing with several other members of my freshman dorm and we are all flexing our "muscles" after a game of flag football.

This photo is of the Hurlbut Hedgehog team, taken after one of our pretty intense games of flag football.

Although I played sports in high school, I am literally the least athletically-inclined person, like, ever.  I absolutely love sports, though, so I really enjoyed going out with my freshman dorm to participate in some friendly competition, plus, the workout was nice, too.  Some of the sports I played this year included: flag football, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, soccer, softball, river run/walks, capture the flag, and squash.

All of the activities I have participated in have truly made my experience wonderful!  This whole year has really been about trying new things, something I will further discuss in my next blog, too!

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