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When a Sibling Comes to Town

I’ve been at Harvard for almost four whole years and my younger brother, Adam, had never come to visit me. My parents have been here a couple times for move in days and parent weekends, but they have never brought my brother along with them. That all changed this weekend when Adam came to visit. He is a freshman in college at Western Illinois University, so I had the chance to show him around an east coast campus and give him a taste of Boston. 

Because it was just our luck, last week Boston and most of New England got hit with a huge amount of snow. Most of it came on Thursday, and Adam’s flight was not until Friday, so there was still hope he would land on time. Thankfully he did get in late Friday night and of course when he arrived on campus he was hungry. The first place I had to take him was the Quincy Grille, which is conveniently located right downstairs in my house so we didn’t even have to brave the snow and cold weather to get some quality mozzarella sticks and curly fries. The Grille stays open until 2 am on the weekends, which was great timing considering Adam didn’t get to campus until around 1 in the morning. 

The are four grilles on Harvard's campus that serve late night food on both weekdays and weekends.
Above: The are four grilles on Harvard’s campus that serve late night food on both weekdays and weekends.

Saturday morning we woke up and embarked out into Boston (and were of course met with more snow). With Boston being a city that is very friendly to walking and outdoor activities, Adam and I had to duck inside to avoid the snow. We chose to pay a visit to the JFK Museum and Library which is located just outside of downtown Boston and a quick ride on the subway away. I really love history and Adam is a big fan of learning about the military and American government, so the visit was a great blend between the two. Plus I had been waiting for the right opportunity to go to the museum, and this snowy Saturday afternoon was the perfect chance. 

After visiting the museum we came back to campus and stopped at a favorite food joint in Harvard Square- Felipe’s. When my dad visited my freshman year he insisted we went there because he loves trying any and all taco places wherever he visits, so I had to take Adam there too so he could judge how Mexican food in Cambridge compared to the Mexican food we have back at home in Chicago. I’m happy to say it got Adam’s stamp of approval. 

It was fun to spend a lot of the weekend introducing my brother to the people, places, and things I come into contact every day at Harvard that have become commonplace but are actually really cool. I took him to see Annenberg, the freshman dining hall, and he was blown away by the fact that I got to eat at a place that looked like it came out of Hogwarts for every meal of my freshman year. He admitted that it was cooler than his dining hall back at school, so plus one point to Harvard in that category. Seeing my life at home and my life at school collide was a lot of fun, and I’m happy my brother got to visit and experience what a weekend is like for a Harvard student before we graduate. 

But of course some things stay the same no matter what city you are in, and the one thing Adam and I love to do whenever we are in the same place is go out for sushi. I had heard legends of an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant in Boston and we embarked on a journey there Sunday afternoon we will not soon forget. The sushi was so good and along with two of my roommates, we sat down and sampled the menu for almost two hours! None us us regretted any minute of it either. 

The sushi just never stopped coming!
Above: The sushi just never stopped coming!

Recovering from a food coma and avoiding having to walk through the slush that was accumulating on every street and sidewalk, Adam and I treated ourselves to a movie, which was a great way to cap off the weekend. Of course there was worry of another snow storm hitting Boston Monday that might have delayed his flight back to Illinois, but the weather stayed nice enough for him to get back to school on time. The next time Adam will be back on campus will be graduation, which is pretty crazy to think about. But until then at least he will know exactly where I am when I send him sushi snapchats. 


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