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Why I Love My Latinx Community at Harvard (part 2)

The Latinx Community: Mi Comunidad

Part 2 of 2 - Sophomore Year - read part 1

Last week, you read about my first year on campus. Although it was a challenging one, the support system I had from the Latinx community was incredible! My sophomore year proved to be a very eventful year, too!

As a first year, there hadn’t been a group on campus for students who were Mexican or with Mexican heritage, so a few friends and I decided to reactivate the group that had existed previously, Harvard-Radcliffe Raza. Sophomore year, I became President of Raza, the Mexican/Mexican American cultural organization on campus. Through this organization, I’ve been able to work alongside an amazing group of people to create events that are important to who we are and our identities! It’s been a space where we can celebrate events like Dia de Los Muertos and Easter with cazcarones. Through this organization, I was able to slowly become a tía to first year students in the way that others have previously been for me.

Above: On these images you’ll see he community coming together to celebrate Easter and Dia De Los Muertos


At the same time, this was the year that I became more involved with Act On a Dream (AOD), the immigration advocacy and reform group on campus. Although this group is not directly affiliated with the Latinx community but rather encompasses a culturally diverse group of students, I was able to experience this group with many of my friends from the Latinx community. They inspired me to apply for a marketing chair position for a conference that AOD was hosting, Collegiate Alliance on Immigration Reform (CAIR). I loved it! This event allowed me to see, hear, and meet students with a similar passion for immigration reform! Through AOD, I was also able to hear the experiences of other students through an open mic event they hosted called Roots. I also, once again, participated in Presencia Latina by being part of the Sophomore/Senior Dance Crew and helping coordinate the event. Our dance was a mix of a several songs celebrating Latinas. We performed to Whine Up by Cat Deuna, Rabiosa by Shakira, Yo Quiero Bailar by Ivy Queen, and Jenny from the Block by JLo. It was amazing!

CAIR and Presencia Latina
Above: The image on the left shows the Collegiate Alliance on Immigration Reform committee with Justino Mora from Undocumedia. The image to the right show the Sophomore-Senior Dance Crew for Presencia Latina.

Lastly, all of the people that I’ve met in this community are soooo beautiful (inside and out as cliche as that sounds). They are all passionate about so many different things. Their words speak with a strength that shows the fire burning within them. They’ve become my closest friends and have been helping me find my step in the world and find myself a little more every time. They are the people who take me to the beach as a study break during finals. The ones who taught me how to make huevos estrellados during spring break. They’re the ones who will go crazy dancing with me when Maluma starts playing. The ones who watch movies with me late at night. The ones who push me to dream, and the ones who’ll take pictures with me to capture our love for each other. 

My family
Above: All these images are pictures with several of my fellow Harvard Latinx family members. <3

Ellos son mi familia. Mi comunidad latina.


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