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Wrapping Up Spring 2017—Top 3 Highlights

As the final few weeks of my junior spring begin to come to a close, I am drawn to reflect on some of the great experiences I’ve had throughout this semester. At a place like Harvard where life can move so quickly,  it can be easy to forget how many awesome memories I have been able to create over the past few months. Below are some of this semester’s highlights!

Hearing Secretary Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch Speak

Photo of David, Student blogger

As someone who is very politically involved on campus—particularly with the Harvard College Democrats and the Institute of Politics—one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a Harvard student has been the opportunity to connect with inspiring politicians. During the 2016 Presidential election, I was a proud Hillary Clinton supporter and viewed her as one of my political heroes in terms of her political experience and inclusive message in terms of fair taxation and improving education. Invited to speak by the Institute of Politics, Secretary Clinton spoke to current students about the election, her perspective on the current Trump Administration, as well as her future plans and adorable grandchildren.

Hillary Clinton visiting Harvard!

A month later, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch came to speak at the JFK Jr. Forum at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government (one of Harvard’s graduate schools that undergrads can cross-register for classes in should they like!). As someone who is considering pursuing a law degree and is passionate about LGBTQ, it was incredible to hear A.G. Lynch field questions from the audience about her experience issuing her famous speech on transgender equity in schools in light of President Obama’s guidelines on how school districts should treat their transgender students.

Above: Loretta Lynch at the JFK Junior Forum

Welcoming my Mom to campus for Junior Parents’ Weekend

Being from Los Angeles, it’s not everyday that I have family nearby here in Cambridge. That changed this past February when my mom came to visit for Junior Parents’ Weekend! A yearly tradition for Harvard juniors, parents of Harvard College juniors come to meet administrators, visit classes and tour the campus. While there is a detailed schedule for the weekend, I found it also a nice time to have brunch and just hang out. It was the first time my mom had visited that we weren’t hauling boxes around for moving, and this provided us the opportunity to grab lunch, explore the campus’s museum exhibits, and introduce her to my friends at events with some of my extracurricular groups like the Institute of Politics.

My mom during her visit to campus.

Rushing the Yard on Housing Day

Another famous Harvard tradition is Housing Day. As other blog entries have described(…), Housing Day is an enormously fun and Harry Potter-esque tradition where upperclassmen residents of the 12 upperclassmen houses let first-years know where they will be housed for their upperclassmen portion of their time at Harvard. I’m a proud resident of Pforzheimer House and this semester was the first time I was able to storm the Yard this semester to welcome new Pforzheimer freshmen with friends from my House. I was not able to participate last year because I was sick, so I was excited to show off my house pride and greet so many eager freshman—some of whom I previously knew from extracurriculars and classes :)


Above: Me clad in Pforzheimer House Housing Day swag!

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