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Harvard Babies <3


We are so excited to have you join our Crimson family!

Although I’m not the only baby on campus anymore, I’m super excited to be welcoming the first members of the upcoming freshmen class. You’re in for a blast. Freshmen year has been so amazing so far. I know I’ve experienced so many upperclassmen, who are willing to help me, give me advice, and take me out to get fro-yo or dinner. Also, Harvard puts on specific events and gives special funding for freshmen specifically, so freshmen year here is probably one of the best years you’ll have here. I know my fellow bloggers, who are upperclassmen have a lot more thoughtful reflections on their experience since they’ve been here longer, so I encourage you to take a look at their posts, too!

I know that when I was a pre-frosh (prospective freshmen), I had a TON of questions about Harvard that weren’t necessarily able to be found on the admissions website or in the guide. Therefore, I’ve decided to help you bypass Google and headaches from browsing through thousands of websites. Feel free to use the links below to get to know better the place you may call your home for the next 4 years (and I sincerely hope you do choose to come here!)

AcademicsThis is a beautiful, innovative website that I always use to browse courses. We have shopping period here, which means we have a week at the beginning of the semester to be free to sit in on as many classes as we want (sometimes even 4 classes a day if you want) so we can decide exactly which professors and subjects we want for that semester. This website has single-handedly gotten me through the chaos and indecision of that week. Unfortunately, you don’t have an Harvard ID yet so you can’t log in to see what the classes were rated and what not, but you will be able to see who teaches each class and what those classes are about. Explore this website as much as possible! I promise that we don’t just have fun here. We also study interesting subjects!

ExtracurricularsThis is a great website if you want to see the hundreds of student organizations we have here at Harvard. What’s amazing is that I’m positive 99.5% of those organizations are ENTIRELY student-led, meaning that no adult is at the helm of the organization running things. I definitely have to say, in my experience here, extracurriculars are the highlight of my day. I love everything I’m involved in, and not only do I get to pursue my passions, but I get to make friends with the same interests at the same time!

Residential LifeThis is an old website, so it’s not as beautiful as the courses website, unfortunately, but it shows you the inside of the freshmen dorms! As freshmen, you live in the Yard with other members of your class. This is a VERY SPECIAL treat. The upperclassmen live in the houses that are located a bit further from the Yard, so you have the prime location because most of the classes are held in buildings near the Yard. The upperclassmen always tell me how much they miss being a freshman and having classes, the library, and the Science Center so close to them.

ResearchHarvard is obviously one of the best institutions in the world for research. As an undergraduate, you have so many incredible opportunities to help out with the research Harvard puts out! Check out this website to see what different disciplines and programs you have research opportunities in!

Jeanie’s awesome post!Jeanie is another blogger, and she wrote this amazing blog post more than a year ago before the new admissions website was made. She answers the most typically asked questions from pre-frosh, and they’re SUCH great answers. I highly encourage you to check out her post! However, one warning. Wigglesworth is not the best freshmen dorm. Weld is :)

I may update this post later if I find more helpful links, but I hope you guys get some initial questions answered! Feel free to ask questions about life at Harvard in the comment box below, and let me know what other links you guys would like to see!

Once again, welcome Harvard babies!!!

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Hey y’all! My name is Charlene Hong, and I am a proud homegirl from right outside Nashville, Tennessee. I am a freshmen, and I can’t decide whether to concentrate in either Government... View full profile

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