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Student Loan Request Form

Please read the terms below before using this request form

If you are a Harvard Scholarship/Grant aid recipient, you may request an amount up to your Student Contribution (Term Time Job + Summer Savings Contribution) less any Outside Awards that you are receiving. Specific amounts are listed on your award letter at, but you can use the table below as a general guide. All loans are split evenly between the Fall and Spring semesters. If your Outside Awards are greater than or equal to your Student Contribution, then your loan eligibility is $0. Please see our Outside Awards page for more information and Contact Us with any questions.

Class Standing Maximum Amount Receivable
First-Year $4,600
Sophomore $5,900
Junior/Senior $6,100

**If you are eligible for Federal Work Study (FWSP), then any amount you borrow will reduce your FWSP eligibility. If you have concerns about your FWSP eligibility or financial aid budget, please contact our office to discuss your options.**

If you applied for financial aid but are NOT a Harvard Scholarship/Grant aid recipient, you may request up to the maximum amount listed below. The amounts do not reflect origination fees associated with these loans. If you request the maximum amount, the fees will be taken out before the funds are applied to the term bill, resulting in a slightly smaller amount disbursed to your term bill.            

Class Standing Maximum Request Origination Fee Maximum Received
First-Year $5,500 $58 $5,442
Sophomore $6,500 $69 $6,431
Junior/Senior $7,500 $79 $7,421

This form is reviewed by the Griffin Financial Aid Office each week and loans may take up to ten days before they are added to your Financial Aid Package. Please review your Financial Aid information at, in order to see what loans you have been awarded.

Terms and conditions for each loan program are outlined on the Student Loans page of our website.

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