Maribel Nava

Category UMRP
College student, Maribel

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Houston, TX


Ethnic Groups, Advocacy Groups


Sociology, Secondary in Ethnicity Migration and Rights


Hi ya’ll! My name is Maribel Nava, and I am a senior living in Lowell House. I study Sociology, with a secondary in Ethnicity Migration and Rights and am pursuing a citation in Spanish. I call Houston, Texas my home, and was fortunate to have grown up in such a diverse city! I have found a community within Latinx cultural groups on campus and have served on the boards of Fuerza Latina and Latinas Unidas. I have also found solidarity within the activism and public service community and currently serve as the Director of Development and Finance for Act on a Dream, the college’s immigration reform and advocacy club. In my free time I volunteer with immigrant youth through PBHA’s Recent Immigrant Term-time Enrichment Program. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about Harvard!