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Summer Federal Work-Study Application

Summer Federal Work-Study Application

There are two parts to the Summer FWSP Application. You must complete both parts to be considered for Summer FWSP.

Part 1: Please submit the form below. Summer FWSP is dependent on your federal eligibility for the 2018-2019 year. By indicating your interest in Summer FWSP through this form, we will attempt to calculate your financial aid award for the 2018-2019 academic year as efficiently as possible.

Part 2: Please complete your financial aid renewal application by May 1, 2018. Please note: If your application is incomplete or late, there will be a delay in determining your Summer FWSP eligibility. Eligibility for Summer FWSP CANNOT be determined without the submission of a financial aid renewal application.** Click here for instructions on renewing your financial aid application.

The Student Employment Office will notify you of your eligibility as soon as possible but not before May 15, 2018 (provided that your financial aid application was submitted by May 1, 2018). We will announce the summer term Federal Work Study dates in May on the front page of the Student Employment Website. Last year’s start date was May 18th. For more information see Summer Federal Work Study.

Applicant Information:

Clicking “Submit” will communicate to The Student Employment Office that you are interested in participating in the 2018 Federal Summer Work-Study Program. Your summer eligibility is based on the upcoming academic year & will be determined upon completion of your 2018-2019 Financial Aid application.