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Visitor's Guide to Larger Lectures

Attend a Harvard Class

During your visit, we invite you to attend course meetings, particularly the lectures of some of the more popular courses the Faculty offers. You should be aware, however, that the vast majority of courses open to undergraduates enroll considerably fewer students than any of those listed below.

Please note that visitors must check in with the instructor in advance and plan on attending the entire class, from start to finish. We would be grateful if you would limit the size of your group to no more than two or three people. Please enter and leave the classroom in a manner that does not disrupt ongoing instruction. Take a seat in the back of the classroom to ensure that chairs are available to enrolled students. If an examination is under way, select another course to visit. 

Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Classes

Current information on course meeting times and locations is found in the “Course Meetings Location Report,” at Additional course information may be found in Courses of Instruction, available at A visitor who has questions regarding the accessibility of a building or classroom is asked to contact the University Disability Services (UDS) at 617-495-1859 or [email protected].

The Visitor’s Guide to Larger Lectures is produced by the Office of the FAS Registrar.