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College Offices


Enriching your College Experience

The staff of Harvard's campus offices ensure you always have somewhere to turn for help navigating college life. Improve your study skills, take the first step on the path to career success, or enliven your day with an infusion of arts and culture.


From small, focused seminars to hands-on lab experiences to field-based research, unparalleled academic opportunities open students’ eyes to new modes of thinking and allow them to engage deeply with topics they’re passionate about. The common thread in the community is never-ending curiosity. 

Academic Offices

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Griffin Financial Aid Office

The Griffin Financial Aid Office works closely with Harvard families to ensure that their education is affordable. Our need-based financial aid program meets the financial need of each student.

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Student Life

Students are introduced to the College community through unique programming that helps them establish a strong foundation, build meaningful connections, as well as engage in the living and learning community. From student organizations, athletic teams, and the residential experience: students develop a strong sense of belonging at Harvard.

Student Life Offices

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Peer Education

Peer education groups help to extend health and wellness education beyond the walls of University Health Services by promoting health & wellbeing to their fellow classmates.

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