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From world-renowned professors to world-class friendships, Harvard students find a community that embraces them, challenges them, and exposes them to new ideas daily. With so many opportunities afforded to our students, the Harvard experience is unique for every undergraduate. 

Reaching out to one of our student groups can give you a sense of what Harvard students are really like. You can contact one of the groups that suits your interests directly, or you can submit the contact form below to send in a general inquiry.

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We believe it's best to learn about Harvard directly from our undergraduates, so we're giving you direct access to students that can answer your questions about applying, studying, and living here. Select a student group to contact directly, or submit the general student contact form below. Keep in mind that response times may be delayed during student breaks in May, late August, December, and January.


Our student groups work closely together and you may receive a reply from more than one Harvard student if your questions fall into multiple categories. 
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