Paying the admissions application fee is a hardship for my family. Can I get a waiver?

Frequently Asked Questions


Do not let the admissions application fee prevent you from applying! In the spirit of our honor code, if the admissions application fee presents a hardship for you or your family, the fee will be waived.

There are a few ways to request a fee waiver for your admissions application. You can easily request it within the Common Application, Coalition Application, Universal College Application, or simply email us at (or for students applying outside the U.S.). If you are emailing your request, please include your full name, your date of birth, the name, location of your high school, and indicate which application platform you are using. If you are using the Common Application, please also include your Common Application ID number in your email.

The Common Application and the Coalition Application outline the indicators of economic need, but if you do not meet any of those indicators and would still like to request a fee waiver, please do not hesitate to email us and we will grant your request. ​Requesting a fee waiver will not disadvantage your application in any way.