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As President Lawrence Bacow, stated in his 2018 installation address, “Given the necessity today of thinking critically… a broad liberal arts education has never been more important.”



You have many options when pursuing your Harvard degree. We offer more than 3,700 courses in 50 undergraduate fields of study, which we call concentrations. A number of our concentrations are interdisciplinary.


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Harvard College Curriculum

Approximately a third of courses towards your degree fulfill Harvard College requirements. This includes classes in the areas of General Education, Distribution, Quantitative Reasoning with Data, Expository Writing, and Language.

“We want Gen Ed to be the kind of courses faculty have always dreamed of teaching — and the kind students never forget.”*

For detailed explanations of academic requirements, consult the Harvard College Curriculum

Components of your degree

*Quote by: Amanda Claybaugh, Dean of Undergraduate Education

Study Spaces

Looking for comfortable furniture to study on? A room where you can meet with a group? A private desk in an open space? Or maybe just a printer near your next class?

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Other Academic Opportunities

Harvard College offers several opportunities for you to pursue your academic goals.

Other Academic Opportunities

Dual Degree Music Programs

If you are a talented musician and dedicated scholar choosing between in-depth music training and a liberal arts education, you can apply to Harvard College’s dual degree programs with the New England Conservatory (NEC) and Berklee College of Music.

Study Abroad

Escape the bubble and expand your horizons by enrolling at a foreign university for up to a full year. The Office of International Education can help you discover how study abroad can fit into your plan of study.

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