Emily Spector has taken songwriting classes on both sides of the river. She is sitting here holding a guitar

Dual Programs of Study for Music


For Musical Academics or Academic Musicians

If you are a talented musician and dedicated scholar, choosing between in-depth music training and a liberal arts education can be a tough decision. With Harvard's dual programs of study with New England Conservatory (NEC) and Berklee College of Music, you can have the best of both worlds.


The dual programs of study allow students to receive a bachelor's degree from Harvard College and take private lessons and preparatory classes at New England Conservatory or Berklee

Students taking part in the Harvard-NEC dual degree program will pursue a bachelor's degree at Harvard followed by a master's degree at NEC. 

Students taking part in the Harvard-Berklee Joint Studies program will complete Harvard’s bachelor’s requirements in their four years and then have the option to apply to the Berklee master's program. 

New England Conservatory

The Harvard/NEC program is a 5-year dual degree program in which a student earns a Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) or Bachelor of Science (S.B.) at Harvard College and a Master of Music (M.M.) at New England Conservatory.


Berklee College of Music

The Harvard-Berklee Joint Studies program is designed for musicians who are interested in building a foundation for their artistic careers at Berklee, while attaining a liberal arts education at Harvard.