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Give in to Your Curiosity

As a liberal arts and sciences college nestled within a world-class research university, Harvard gives you both the freedom to shape your own course of study and the resources to see it through. So, what are you waiting for? Stake a claim and learn from those who challenge it. Ask a complex question and grow from the process of answering it. Master the subjects you love, but never forget to explore the unfamiliar terrain that lies just beyond your comfort zone.

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Intellectual Vitality

Fostering a Community of Learning

Through intellectual vitality, the Harvard College community seeks to establish a culture in which all members speak, listen, and ask questions of each other – and ourselves – with curiosity and respect. This is critical to achieve the mission of Harvard College and what we as a community believe in.

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Office of Undergraduate Education

The Office of Undergraduate Education is responsible for curriculum planning and requirements, as well as a number of student-focused programs that include advising, first-year seminars, career services, and more.

Office of Undergraduate Education


Faculty Engagement by the Numbers


  • 110 Faculty teaching first-year seminars

  • 260 Pre-concentration advisors

  • 7:1 Student-to-faculty ratio

  • 10 Median course size



Research is the key that unlocks new knowledge. At Harvard, we put that power into your hands from the moment you arrive. You can take part in hands-on research projects ranging from leading a study to performing lab work with a faculty mentor.
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Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is the foundation of the academic experience at Harvard College. Students at Harvard learn how to acknowledge when their work is indebted to others’, and about the value of producing original scholarship.

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Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) at Harvard University supports Harvard students in developing reading and study strategies, time management skills, and metacognitive approaches to learning. Students have access to academic coaching, peer tutoring, workshops, accountability hours, and additional skills-based resources.

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