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Advising & Counseling

Support, Knowledge, and Guidance at Every Step

At Harvard, your success is our primary concern. We provide a range of advising resources to help you understand your options, plan your degree program, and achieve your academic goals. From move-in day as a freshman through graduation and beyond, our advisors are here to help and support you at every step.

Freshman advising program

Throughout your first year, you will work closely with a team of advisors. In these interactions, you will better understand our curriculum and receive answers to all questions, both academic and non-academic. Explore freshman advising.

Upperclassman advising options

Once you have declared a concentration, you will receive specialized support from advisors in your field of study. You may also seek out a network of advisors to help guide your time at Harvard. Learn more about upperclassman advising.

Postgraduate planning support

As you prepare to graduate, we will help you navigate graduate or professional school applications and career planning. Make a plan for your future with postgraduate advising.