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Transfer Eligibility and Application Requirements

Once you have completed one year of full-time study at a single college or university, you may apply to Harvard College only as a transfer student. Because of a remarkable 98 percent graduation rate, very few spaces are available each year for interested transfer students.

Recently in transfer pools of more than 1,600, the number of well-qualified applicants far exceeded the number of students admitted and enrolled (12) each year as transfer students. We recommend you explore a variety of options even as we welcome your application to Harvard College. 

Guidelines for eligibility

  • By the anticipated date of matriculation, students must have satisfactorily completed a minimum of one continuous academic year in a degree program at one college, and not more than two academic years of full-time college study.
  • Students who have completed more than two years of college study, and those who have already earned a bachelor’s degree, are not eligible to transfer to Harvard College. Students may not choose to relinquish academic credits or a degree in order to regain eligibility.
  • Students who have completed one full-time year of college in a regular degree program in lieu of their senior year of high school (often referred to as dual enrollment) should apply for first-year admission if these courses are taken for credit towards a high school diploma.
  • Students who are enrolled part-time are not eligible unless they have previously completed one full-time, continuous academic year.
  • Students are eligible to transfer only from a liberal arts curriculum that is similar to Harvard’s. Candidates whose education has been in a vocational, professional, technical, online, extension, or performance program will not ordinarily qualify for transfer admission.

If you are too advanced to qualify for transfer, you may be interested in the Visiting Undergraduate Student Program.

Facts About Financial Aid


Amount that parents making less than $65,000 are expected to contribute.

Ninety percent of American families would pay the same or less to send their children to Harvard as they would a state school.


Get step-by-step tips for completing your application.