Martha Kebeh '20

Category Alumni Spotlight


Authored on February 24, 2023


In our alumni spotlight series, learn about Harvard graduates' most meaningful experiences from college, and how Harvard impacted their professional and personal paths after graduation.

Hometown & Current City: Worcester, MA & New Haven, CT

House Affiliation: Leverett House

Concentration and Secondary Field: Molecular and Cellular Biology, English

Current Job Title/Company or organization: Medical Student, Yale School of Medicine

What was your professional path after college? 

I spent a gap year as a medical assistant after graduating during the beginning of COVID and then started medical school at Yale in fall of 2021.

What fills your time now? Professionally and otherwise? 

School is pretty busy, but I’m grateful to still have access to the nature of New England and many college friends who moved to New York or stayed in the Boston area after graduating. I still engage with many of the pursuits that I loved exploring at Harvard like creative writing, playing and watching sports, and exploring the outdoors.

How did your academic experience at Harvard guide you in your post-grad pursuits? 

My time at Harvard fueled an excitement for learning and passion for investing in my communities that I had never felt so strongly before starting college. These values have sustained me in post-grad life, in seeking and building community with those around me in the unfamiliar places I’ve explored since leaving Cambridge.

What was a favorite class you took and why? 

"The Essay" with James Wood was a course that I loved and still think about all the time. Each meeting of the course, whether it was lecture or section, called for thoughtful consideration of so many perspectives on life, our histories on a societal level, and how we told those stories.

Did you have any research/internship opportunities and/or professor/mentor relationships that were influential? 

I had a wonderful proctor and academic advisor who watched me grow through my undergraduate experience. Actually, one of the best parts of our relationship was that she also shared her growth experiences and challenges with me, both from her time as an undergraduate and in those years.

What were you involved in extracurricularly? 

I was a student athlete on the track and field team, a House Committee (HoCo) member, worked for my Building Manager, peer counselor, First-Year Outdoor Program leader, admissions tour guide, summer school proctor, and Peer Advising Fellow.

How did your extracurricular activities impact your Harvard experience? And have they had an impact on your post-grad life?

Some of the greatest friendships I made came from my extracurricular activities. Without these support systems and drivers of the joys of my college experiences, I wouldn't be where I am today and I wouldn't have learned half the things I did when I was at Harvard. These are the same lessons and happy memories I carry with me today.

What is a favorite memory of Harvard House life? 

Definitely Housing Day. 2018 was a bit more fun because getting to welcome new bunnies to my beloved House in the snow and experience Housing Day for the second time from an entirely new lens was amazing!

What is your favorite Harvard tradition and why? 

I still think of Harvard-Yale as the best day of the year. It's less about the Game itself (sorry, Harvard Football) and more about the way everyone rallies around this opportunity to reunite with one another. Seeing all these familiar faces in one place again is one of the most wonderful things I can think of in post-grad life.

What advice do you have for someone applying to college? 

Applying to college can be overwhelming, but it's also a time to reflect on what you have spent your time and effort on so far in life and why. The chance to learn by looking at everything you've already accomplished and challenged yourself by doing is a unique one, and hopefully you can find some joy and pride in all the ways you've grown!