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Diversity and Access


Our students represent all fifty states and more than 100 countries. When they come to Harvard, they bring their talent, curiosity, and intelligence. They also bring their perspective on the world—an understanding that is deeply tied to their culture, background, and experiences. The result is a diverse, open-minded community where dialogue and debate are not only encouraged—they're inevitable.

College Access

We seek to enroll students of all backgrounds and beliefs who will learn from and with one another. Integrity, maturity, strength of character, and concern for others play a significant role in our evaluations. More important, they are integral to a successful Harvard education.

“To realize the community’s full promise, and to foster the personal and intellectual transformation at the heart of our mission, we must also work affirmatively and collectively to advance a culture of belonging.” - Drew Faust

We want to bring the best people to Harvard, regardless of their ability to pay. Your financial status will never impact your admissions decision. Neither will applying for financial aid. Furthermore, we meet 100% of demonstrated financial need, helping to make a Harvard education accessible to as many families as possible.

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Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Harvard is committed to fostering a culture of inclusive excellence. The Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging works to make every student feel like a valued member of the Harvard community.

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Your education goes beyond coursework. Student activities create unique opportunities to expand your comfort zone, learn new things, and make friends. Harvard has wide-ranging student organizations suited to all interests.

Student organizations also help to broaden your social circle. You'll get to know classmates with different academic interests from your own, or who grew up in parts of the world you've never visited. No matter how distant your hometowns, you'll find common ground at Harvard.

Multicultural Organizations
Harvard has more than fifty cultural, ethnic, and international student organizations. We also have groups representing dozens of religious and political perspectives. Throughout the year, these groups sponsor events and activities celebrating their identities and beliefs. Often these are open to the entire Harvard community, adding to the richness of life on campus.

Spiritual Life
Harvard offers numerous ways to explore religious and spiritual life for students of all faith traditions. There are more than thirty on-campus chaplains representing religions from around the world. In addition, student groups allow you to practice and explore your faith alongside likeminded peers.

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Recruitment Programs

Fostering a diverse student body is central to Harvard's mission. We want to educate the leaders and thinkers of the future. That means creating a learning environment that reflects the dynamic, multicultural, intersectional nature of the world.

Harvard has established several programs and initiatives to help our diverse campus community to thrive.

Campus Resources

It's easy enough to say that everyone belongs. Ensuring that you feel like a valued member of the community takes a little more doing—but we're up to the task. Every student has access to specialized advising and programming related to inclusion. Here are a few other offices that might help you feel more at home.

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