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Alternate Application for Financial Aid

Uploader and Instructions for Prospective Students 2019-2020

Financial aid is available in the same way to all admitted Harvard students, regardless of citizenship or country of residence. Students (both US and international) can apply online by following the instructions posted on our website. Though most international students will apply through the online application process, our alternate paper process is available for students in the following exceptional situations:

  1. The CSS Profile fee proves prohibitive and they are unable to obtain a fee waiver. (CSS Profile fee waivers are applied automatically by the College Board for US students on the basis of financial need).
  2. The CSS Profile is unable to process payments from their country.
  3. Unreliable internet access.

Please note: these instructions are not appropriate for US students.

Alternate Instructions for Paper Application

All students will need to submit a Financial Statement for Students from Foreign Countries and Supporting Documents.


​Our goal is to provide you with a decision about financial aid at the time that you are admitted. For Early Action applicants that means an estimate of financial aid in mid-December, and for both Early and Regular Action applications, a financial aid decision around April 1. Although we’ll accept a late application, we may not be able to get back to you as quickly as we would if your application was submitted along the timeline below.

We recommend that you submit your documents before the deadline. Please do not call or email to request confirmation of receipt – we will be unable to do so until after admissions decisions have been made.

  Early Action Regular Action Transfer Applicants
Deadline November 1 February 1 March 1

Financial Statement for Students from Foreign Countries

You can find the 2019-2020 Financial Statement on our website under Forms and Resources. If your parents are together, they will submit one Financial Statement Form, and if they are separated or divorced, your second parent’s household will submit an additional form.

Supporting Documents

Gather together all of the following that apply, and submit them along with your Financial Statement. Please do not send draft or estimated taxes. We need the actual 2017 tax return as filed with the government. If you won’t be able to file your taxes before the deadline, please do not submit previous year tax returns. If your documents are not in English, please be sure to translate them.

  1. Parents’ 2017 income tax document for both parents: For many international students, this will be whatever documentation of income your parents submit to their national government. If your parents do not file tax returns, please submit a Tax Non-Filer Statement, and whatever documentation they do have, such as a wage statement, salary certificate, or letter from their employer(s) stating annual income.
  2. Student’s 2017 income tax document: if you do not file a tax document, please submit a Tax Non-Filer Statement.
  3. Business documents: if either of your parents has an interest in or ownership of a business or farm, submit:
    1. A Business/Farm Supplement Form for each business and/or farm. (Found under Forms and Resources). 
    2. The 2017 business tax return for each business and/or farm.
  4. Trust or estate documents: if you or your parents are the beneficiary of an estate or trust, submit:
    1. The full Trust Tax Return.
    2. A letter explaining the contents of the trust or estate, value, and accessibility.
  5. Additional information: if you have any unusual expenses or special circumstances to share, feel free to submit a letter with the rest of your documents.

How to Submit

The best way to submit your documents is to use the uploader below. You may also mail your documents to our office (86 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA, 02138). We cannot accept anything over email. We are unable to track or confirm receipt of any materials sent to our office until after admissions decisions have been made.