Guide to Finalizing Your Financial Aid


In most cases, the material submitted through the initial financial aid application is all we will ask from you over the course of the school year. On occasion, we need to ask for more material after a financial aid decision has been made in order to officially credit the financial aid to your student account. Some examples include:

  • Additional materials that need to be submitted for federal verification or auditing purposes.
  • Confirmation of application items that were tentative at the time of application (for example, your sibling's college enrollment).
  • Required materials you were unable to submit during the initial application process (for example, because a material was lost or inaccessible) that need to be submitted to confirm self-reported information.
Example of a list of missing and received documents on my.harvard

In order to officially credit the anticipated financial aid listed on your student account, please login to my.harvard and click on Application Details to review documents that are required to finalize your financial aid. If you see a document listed as Not Received for Verification, then you need to complete that requirement.

Instructions for Missing Items

These are some of the more common documents that you will see listed as missing on your my.harvard page, along with instructions for how to submit them.

Missing Items


If you have any questions about your missing information or have extenuating circumstances, please contact the Financial Aid Office at Without this documentation, we cannot credit the anticipated financial aid to your student account and you will be responsible for paying any balance due.