If my parents are divorced or separated, do they both need to send in financial information?

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, each parent and their household will complete a CSS Profile and submit tax documentation (only your custodial household needs to submit the FAFSA). We feel strongly that both parents have an obligation to support you, and a divorce or separation does not change that obligation. We look at each case individually, and we make every effort to be sensitive to particular family circumstances when deciding how much to ask from each parent. If either parent is remarried, financial information about their new spouse and dependents, if any, should be provided. In this way we obtain the fullest possible picture of your financial background and can make the fairest judgment about your need for assistance. If we have received financial information from both your parents, the figure listed as "parent contribution" on your award letter will be the combined figure for your parent 1 and parent 2, determined by doing a separate need analysis for each. It is up to you and your parents to decide how to divide the responsibility for paying the termbills.