Which standardized tests does Harvard require?

Frequently Asked Questions


Harvard will accept the SAT or ACT to meet the standardized testing requirement. In exceptional cases, when those are not accessible for a student, one of the following can meet the requirement:

  • AP exam results 
  • IB Actual or Predicted Scores
  • GCSE/A-Level Actual or Predicted Results
  • National Leaving Exams Results or Predictions

English language proficiency examinations such as the TOEFL, IELTS and Duolingo cannot be used to meet the standardized testing requirement, though students are welcome to submit them for review as part of their application materials.  

Students may self report their standardized test scores. 

If the cost of taking the SAT or ACT is of concern, keep in mind that both the College Board and ACT provide fee waivers to some domestic students from low-income families. Students who are non-US citizens attending secondary schools outside the US are not typically eligible for SAT or ACT fee waivers. If applicants are ineligible for fee waivers, but still face financial hardship in paying for a SAT or ACT, the Admissions Committee still encourages these students to apply. We encourage students in this situation to take and submit results from other standardized tests to which they have greater access. For instance, students lacking access to the SAT or ACT may submit AP or GCSE results, IB/A-level/other national leaving exam predictions or results.