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Diversity & Inclusion


Better Together

Harvard fosters a living and learning environment where you can celebrate your individuality—and where you can explore the shared ideas and experiences that connect us all. You'll soon find that our differences don't divide us. Instead, our community is strengthened by the diverse perspectives, interests, and identities of its members.

Our Commitment

Harvard's commitment to diversity in all forms is rooted in our fundamental belief that engaging with unfamiliar ideas, perspectives, cultures, and people creates the conditions for dramatic and meaningful growth.

We must continue to find ways to support each other and work to build a community of care and solidarity towards changing the course for our future.

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Recruitment Programs

For high school students interested in applying to Harvard, we have several programs to help you learn about our diverse campus community.

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Harvard has resources that educate members of the Harvard community about equity and inclusion, offer support for those who are experiencing issues related to identity and belonging, and host events and programs that foster dialogue and engagement around diversity.


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Presidential Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging

Established in 2016, this task force was charged with reviewing Harvard's progress toward creating an inclusive environment.

Learn more about the Presidential Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging