Winthrop House

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Authored on November 02, 2022


With a dazzling view of the Charles River, Winthrop House is one of the undergraduate living facilities located in River West.

Image of Standish Hall

Standish Hall

Winthrop House has three halls: Standish Hall, Gore Hall, and Beren Hall. Winthrop House is unique in that it consists of two separate buildings: Standish Hall and Gore Hall— Beren hall was a later addition that was connected to Gore Hall. As a Gore Hall resident myself I’d objectively argue that Gore Hall is the best hall but that's beside the point.

One of my favorite spaces in Gore Hall would have to be the Lion’s Den. It is home to many of my own early Winthrop memories where I got to hang out with friends, play some pool and foosball, and even have a small movie night. Suffice to say, I could definitely win an amateur pool tournament after my time spent in the Lion’s Den.

Image of two people sitting and talking to each other, with three people talking in the background

Another one of my favorite locations would be Beren Rooftop which is located on the fifth floor and has a view of both the river and River neighboring houses. Beren Rooftop is to some degree a multipurpose room in which a variety of activities take place here. For example, some students like to lounge and do their work here on the weekdays, and on the weekends Beren Rooftop becomes the center for steins and parties.

Image of common room, with people sitting on leather chairs around coffee tables

Last but certainly not least would be the Winthrop Junior Common Room. More commonly known as the Winthrop JCR, the common room is home to most house-wide events including but not limited to: weekly house movie nights, Music and Mingle events, foreign language table talks, and more.


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