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Denzel Class of '24
Authored on October 26, 2022


The Science and Engineering Complex (SEC) Cafe is home to both the Flyby as well as a general cafe that is available for all people to utilize.

The Flyby is designed to be several locations on campus that act as quick food stops for people to refuel their energy as the day goes on. Stocked with a multitude of drinks, sandwiches, wraps, and chips, the Flyby is free to all Harvard students as all that’s needed is a simple swipe of your HUID.

An image of the SEC space

For those willing to go the extra mile though and perhaps diversify their palette, the cafe will better suit your needs. In addition to the sandwiches and chips that the Flyby provides, the cafe also has a wide variety of nourishment options depending on the time of day and what you’re currently in the fancy for.

Just arrive at the SEC at the break of dawn and looking for something light to fill your belly? The range of hot chocolate, coffees, and breakfast sandwiches/pastries will be sure to help quell your cravings. Is it lunch and you want something heavier to last you the day? The various pizza, sides, ramen, and sandwiches at the cafe will become some of your closest acquaintances. Still stuck at the SEC due to a long project or night lab and need something to eat? Tough luck on that one, the cafe closes at 3:00pm unfortunately so you’re going to need to Ubereats that bad boy.

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However, if you are eating during either the morning or the afternoon, there are several lounges and spaces for you to enjoy your meal across the SEC. Whether it be on the massive staircases that lead down to the atrium or the various tables and chairs near windows that showcase Cambridge's skyline, there will always be locations for you to sit down, relax, and eat without fear of needing to act quickly or having to move for someone else to sit down and eat their meal.

In addition, on the official Harvard tiktok page, there's a video that highlights the SEC Cafe as well!


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Denzel Class of '24

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