Dear Harvard College Students,

As you are likely aware, the Harvard Graduate Students Union-United Auto Workers (HGSU-UAW) passed a Strike Authorization Vote (SAV) on Thursday, September 30 and has now set a deadline, indicating they will go on strike if an agreement is not reached with the University by October 27.

While we are pleased that HGSU-UAW is continuing to move forward with the assistance of a federal mediator, we also believe it is important at this time for you to understand the steps the College and Faculty are taking to minimize any negative impact a potential strike may have on your ability to complete courses and research this semester.

Faculty and staff have undertaken contingency planning in order to preserve the continuity of our teaching and research activities in the event of a strike. In the event of a strike, your course leaders will communicate directly with you about any changes to courses or other academic activities. If you have questions about your own academic work, you should contact your course faculty or research advisor directly for more information.

The University will continue to provide updates on negotiations and strike planning. You can also find answers to questions about Harvard’s bargaining positions here.

I want to acknowledge that many of our students and community members care deeply about the issues being negotiated. Please be assured that we want to respect each of your views regarding a strike, while at the same time remaining committed to supporting your academic progress.
While HGSU-UAW members have the right to strike, student workers who are striking should be in touch with their faculty members and their advisors. Students who are not members of the HGSU-UAW also have a right to decide how they may choose to support a strike.  All students are responsible for meeting the requirements of their academic program.

Semper Veritas, 
Rakesh Khurana
Danoff Dean of Harvard College