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See the World as You Earn Your Degree

Studying in another country provides you with transformative experiences, makes you a more informed and empathetic global citizen, and creates lifelong memories. Approximately 60 percent of Harvard students integrate some form of an international experience into their undergraduate studies.

You might study abroad for an entire year, one term, or just a summer. The Office of International Education (OIE) advises Harvard College students on all aspects of study abroad. The OIE will work closely with you to find a program that best matches your academic and personal goals, while also guiding you through the course approval and credit transfer process.

Who Can Study Abroad?

You must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to study abroad. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible for term-time study abroad, and all students, with the exception of graduating seniors, are eligible for summer study. Wherever you go and whichever program you choose, you will travel with the benefit of our exceptional networks, advising resources, and funding support.

Getting Started

It is important that you begin the study abroad planning process early: first-year students are encouraged to begin thinking about how to incorporate this experience into their time at Harvard. All students should seek assistance from the OIE as early as possible to begin planning the best study abroad experience for them. Be sure to also consult with your concentration, in addition to your Allston Burr Assistant Dean for academic questions.

Drop-in hours are held daily (Monday-Friday 2-4 p.m.) and introductory Study Abroad 101 information sessions are available on a regular basis at the OIE, to get students started in planning your study abroad experience. Please consult the OIE calendar to find dates and times for these recurring information sessions, and OIE sponsored/facilitated events.

Applying for Study Abroad

The application process to study abroad is two-fold: you must apply directly to your study abroad program or university for admission, and apply to the OIE for transfer credit.

Applications for transfer credit for study abroad must be completed and submitted by the following deadlines:

Term Time
October 1 for Spring Term study abroad 
March 1 for Fall Term study abroad

Mid-February (for students applying for both funding and credit) 
April 1 (for students only seeking credit 

Online application instructions and materials are available on the OIE website. Your Allston Burr Assistant Dean and appropriate academic departments must sign off on your proposed study abroad coursework. This ensures that advising conversations take place before you receive approval to study abroad. You should meet with a study abroad adviser from the OIE for specific questions on this process.

Financial Aid and Summer Funding

Students eligible for financial aid may apply to use that aid to pay for term-time study abroad, but should speak with their financial aid officer for specific details. Students seeking to study abroad in the summer are welcome, whenever eligible, to apply for some of the competitive summer grants and funding available at the College. Students should begin their search for funding by going to the Harvard College Funding Sources Database. Students should also contact the Financial Aid Office directly, for financial guidance during their time abroad. 

For more information about study abroad, and to review the approved list of study abroad programs, visit the Office of International Education website.



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