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Fields of Study

Setting the Course of Your Degree

We offer an array of concentrations to meet even the most diverse intellectual interests—from Engineering Sciences to Slavic Languages and Literatures. You are sure to find something that piques your curiosity, supports your career goals, or prepares you for graduate study. You may even choose to design your own customized field of study. Our advisers will help you craft a plan that best accords with your personal academic goals.

Your field of focus

Your primary field of study is called your concentration. We offer 50 defined programs, many of which are interdisciplinary. A student interested in integrating two areas of study may apply to pursue a joint concentration. Not all departments support joint concentrations, but those that do will usually require that you undertake a senior thesis that integrates the two disciplinary areas. A joint concentration is different from a “double major” that you might pursue at another school.

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Customize your degree

 If you are interested in pursuing a concentration that draws on multiple disciplinary areas and can make a strong case for undertaking such a program, you may apply to undertake a special concentration. Your advisers will help you design your academic program and ensure your coursework meets our standards for breadth and depth.

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Add a secondary field

Studying a secondary field, similar to a minor at many schools, can be a great way to pursue multiple intellectual interests and develop specialized knowledge outside your concentration. Unlike the concentration, however, a secondary field is not required.

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