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Special Concentrations

Creating Your Own Field of Study

Although many of our concentrations are interdisciplinary, you may wish to further customize your degree by designing your own cross-departmental field of study. Our special concentrations allow you to craft a degree plan that meets a uniquely challenging academic goal.

Developed in 1971, the special concentration option is intended for students whose studies are best suited by an individualized plan. This could be an unprecedented area of research or a combination of disciplines not covered by our current offerings. However, you may not develop a special concentration in order to craft a broad “general education” major.

To create your own special concentration, you must submit a petition to the Standing Committee on Special Concentrations. We will review your plan of study on an individual basis to ensure it meets our educational standards. There is no minimum grade requirement to apply.

Get details for creating your own special concentration in the Harvard College Handbook for Students.


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