Alexandra Foster '93

Category Alumni Spotlight


Authored on October 11, 2022


In our alumni spotlight series, learn about Harvard graduates' most meaningful experiences from college, and how Harvard impacted their professional and personal paths after graduation.

Hometown and Current City: Bronxville, NY; San Diego, CA

House Affiliation: Eliot House

Concentration(s): African History

Current Job Title/Company: Criminal Chief, US Attorney’s Office, Southern District of California

What was your professional path after college? 

Waitress at Pizzeria Uno; paralegal at the Department of Justice; investigator for the Public Defender’s Service; Law School; clerked for a judge; law firm; US Attorney’s Office in DC; Supreme Court Justice in Palau; US Attorney’s Office in San Diego

What fills your time now - professionally and personally?

My job (I am in charge of the 4th busiest and 7th largest US Attorney’s Office in country) and my kids (teenage boys) and, sometimes, rowing.

What were you involved in extracurricularly?

I picked up rowing in college and rowed all four years. 

How did your extracurricular activities impact your Harvard experience? And have they had an impact on your post-grad life?

Rowing was a huge part of my Harvard experience. Many of my friends came from, and a lot of my free time was dedicated to, rowing in college. After college, I rowed at Potomac Boat Club in DC. The other PBC rowers were my social circle in DC. I even married one of them. It was great to have a readymade group of friends, with whom you shared an interest, but who were not your work colleagues. I still row on occasion at the San Diego Rowing Club, and it remains a great way to meet people with whom you share a passion, but who are on different life paths.

What is a favorite memory of Harvard House life?

I loved sitting in the dining halls all four years and chatting with whoever sat down at the table. We would sit for hours, sipping bad coffee, and swapping stories about what happened the night before. The staff was kind enough to let us stay.  I have a distinct memory of spending an entire day in Mem Hall when it was the freshman cafeteria.