Ben Sorkin '20

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Authored on October 18, 2022


In our alumni spotlight series, learn about Harvard graduates' most meaningful experiences from college, and how Harvard impacted their professional and personal paths after graduation.

Hometown & Current City: Staten Island, NY to Cambridge, MA

House Affiliation: Leverett House

Concentration: Sociology, Educational Studies

Current Title/Company: Masters Candidate at HGSE

What was your professional path after college? 
Independent School Admissions followed by an Ed. M at HGSE. Passionate about access and equity for FGLI and LGBTQ+ students!

What fills your time now - personally and professionally? 

Working with students interested in boarding school & studying organizations and school culture! Outside of work and school, I love spending time with my pandemic puppy, exploring restaurants in Boston/Cambridge, and traveling when I have some time.

How did your academic experience at Harvard guide you in your post-grad pursuits? 

A variety of courses in sociology and education helped me clarify the student population and issues I am passionate about making a different in as a professional. Professors served as fantastic mentors and assisted me in the job process and while applying to graduate school. Taking a class at the Harvard Graduate School of Education as an undergrad solidified my interest in further study and gave me exposure to specific topics generally hard to access as an undergraduate.

What was a favorite class you took and why? 

One of my favorite courses was Astrosociology in the Astronomy department! Science is not my strong suit, but the professor and teaching team were so inclusive and helpful for students without a strong science background. I appreciated getting to take an interdisciplinary course that investigated the intersection of scientific discovery and its impact on the day to day life of average people. Learned about a cool new field and got to write papers about aliens, robots, and space weapons!

Did you have any research/internship opportunities and/or professor/mentor relationships that were influential? 

I had a fantastic summer opportunity through the Center for African Studies that let me live and work at a boarding school in South Africa over the summer which greatly informed my decision to work in boarding schools after graduation. The program was well structured, connected to Harvard even from thousands of miles away, and let us students take on a leadership role in a fantastic program.



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