Henry '20

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Authored on October 25, 2022


In our alumni spotlight series, learn about Harvard graduates' most meaningful experiences from college, and how Harvard impacted their professional and personal paths after graduation.

Hometown & Current City: Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI. Current City: Clarksville, TN

House Affiliation: Winthrop House

Concentration: Government

Current Job Title/Company or Organization: Artillery Officer, 101st Airborne Division, US Army

What was your professional path after college? 

I commissioned as an Army officer and currently serve as an artillery officer in the 101st Airborne Division, where I just completed my time working as a platoon leader for 38 outstanding soldiers. I've loved my time in the military, but will be leaving and heading to law school next fall!

What fills your time now - professionally and personally?

On the professional side, I'm most focused on applying to law school right now. In my free time I'm working to become a better runner, rooting for a winning University of Michigan football season, and trying new bars and coffee shops in the Nashville area!

What was a favorite class you took and why? 

I loved Professor Joshua Kertzer's class, "American Foreign Policy." I found Professor Kertzer to be an extraordinary professor who cared deeply about his students and did a terrific job of explaining complex, nuanced topics. His class was a terrific primer in foreign policy, national security issues, and international relations generally.

Did you have any research/internship opportunities and/or professor/mentor relationships that were influential? 

In addition to Professor Kertzer, Professor Meira Levinson at the Harvard Graduate School of Education was a terrific mentor to me. Despite being a graduate school professor, she made time for me as an undergraduate, helped me refine and publish some of my academic work, and was an all-around phenomenal influence.

What is your favorite Harvard tradition and why? 

There's something so unique about the excitement and fierce sense of community that comes with Housing Day! It's a day when everyone takes pride in their friends, their House, and Harvard; and I had so much fun being part of it.


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