Sebastian Gomez '14

Category Alumni Spotlight


Authored on October 25, 2022



In our alumni spotlight series, learn about Harvard graduates' most meaningful experiences from college, and how Harvard impacted their professional and personal paths after graduation.

Hometown & Current City: Queens, New York & Austin, Texas

House Affiliation: Leverett House

Concentration: History and Literature

Current Job Title/Company or Organization: Senior Product Marketing Manager - Amazon

What was your professional path after college? 

I currently work at Amazon as a Senior Product Marketing Manager. Prior to Amazon, I worked in the world of education nonprofits. I obtained my teaching license through HGSE's former UTEP program, and that led me to work at an academic advising program aimed at preparing students for admission into Boston's exam and independent schools. Afterwards, I joined a social science research firm that conducted large-scale evaluations for federal and state departments of education. I was involved in a variety of projects aimed at improving student education outcomes across K-12 and college.

What fills your time now? Professionally and otherwise? 

I love cooking new recipes and traveling whenever I can. I volunteer and donate my time to causes that I care about - particularly those that support first-generation and Latinx college students.

What were you involved in extracurricularly? 

I was involved with the Harvard Yearbook, Harvard University Band, and Leverett HoCo during my time at Harvard. I also volunteered with the Southie After School Program through the Phillips Brooks House Association.

What is a favorite memory of Harvard House life? 

I always looked forward to the Leverett Winter and Spring formals. It was great to dress up and forget about pending finals and papers for a night. In addition, former Faculty Dean Howard Georgi, or "Chief" as we used to call him, hosted a weekly Thursday event called "Not Just Sherry Hour." He would have a variety of tasty treats, and as the name suggests Sherry but also a selection of sparkling juices. It was a great way to connect with a member of the Senior Common Room and other House residents.

What is your favorite Harvard tradition and why? 

Harvard-Yale is one of my favorite traditions. As a former member of the Harvard University Band, marching down to the stadium when The Game was home was incredible. It also helped that Harvard beat Yale every single year I was at the College.

What advice do you have for someone applying to college? 

Run your own race. Don't get caught up in what others are doing. Instead, focus on telling your story through your essays and extra-curricular activities. It's always easier to write about one or two things you love than about the ten clubs you joined because you thought it would make you a more "well-rounded" applicant. For my fellow first-generation and Latinx applicants, don't be afraid to ask for help. It may be difficult finding those mentors at first, but once you find them they will be your biggest advocates. To all the students who don't always see themselves in spaces like Harvard; we're out here. Your story is valuable regardless of the admission decision. Wherever you go, your peers and professors will benefit from your perspective.