Alexis Brown

Academic Details




Radford, VA


Theater, Peer Counseling


History and Science


Hi everyone! I’m Alexis, and I graduated in the Class of 2019 from Harvard College. I’m originally from Radford, Virginia and I lived in Cabot House on campus. I studied History of Science and I was most involved in Cabot Theater Board and Peer Advising Fellows for freshmen! In my free time, I hung out with friends (mostly in Cabot Cafe - the best part of living in the Quad) and explored Boston (note: exploring almost always means eating. Sorry not sorry). I still vividly remember how stressful the college application process was, not to mention the drastic transition period that followed. Harvard was a huge change in plans for me (shout-out to the waitlist kids!), and freshmen fall was a whirlwind of new things. I had never been on campus until move-in day or even on a plane until winter break freshmen year! I loved working with Harvard College Connection and asking current students questions was incredibly helpful during my application process. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!