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Admissions Interviewer Interest Form

Interested in being an alumni interviewer for Harvard College?

Thank you for your interest in joining the Schools and Scholarships effort. After you know where you will be living this coming fall and winter (when we conduct admissions interviews), please enter your contact information into this web form. This information will be sent to the interviewing chair of your local committee. He or she will be in touch with you if they have a need for additional interviewers.

Because of the distribution of applicants, some areas have more applicants than they can accommodate while others have far fewer. Therefore, we seek to assign interviewers where they are most needed. Please note that you may not hear from your local chair if there is no need for additional interviewers. You may also reach out to your local Harvard Club or to our office at [email protected] for more information. 


If you have more than one Harvard degree, please list the first degree you received.
Preferably your or account
Please include the address where you will be located this coming fall

Preferred Affiliation

Please list the Harvard club/group you would prefer to be affiliated with. International applicants do not need to list club/group number. Please use format 0000/0000.

Choose from this list of domestic Harvard club/group numbers (US and Canada). Please note that this list does not represent the physical location of the club. The locations listed correspond approximately to the locations of applicants’ schools. Please select the location that is closest to you.

If you would like to interview outside of the U.S. and Canada, please write "international." Please use format 0000|0000.

Additional Regions

Sometimes it is possible to serve on two committees if there is another region in which an interviewer spends considerable time over the winter months. For example, interviewers may have an interest in interviewing in their hometowns when home for the holidays.

Please include the address where you will be located this coming fall
Please list the second Harvard club/group you prefer to be affiliated with. Use format 0000|0000.