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'17 Alumni


Richmond, TX


Black Students Association


Social Studies


Hello! My name is Cyrus, I lived in Kirkland House, and concentrated in Government with a focus on Sino-American relations before graduating in 2015. I was born in Kenya, but I moved to the US when I was four and I’ve lived in Texas ever since. While a student, I was most involved with the Harvard Black Men’s Forum (BMF) and served as Vice-President. In addition to this, I was a student assistant for Professor Robert Putnam at Harvard Kennedy School who, among many other things, researches the opportunity gap in America. Lastly, I was a coordinator for Harvard College Connection (HCC) at the Admissions Office. As a coordinator for HCC, I helped to make Harvard more transparent and let y'all know what being a student is really like! On top of that, I also helped to answer all questions about Harvard, the application process, or anything college related. I can’t imagine what my college life would've been like without participation in these activities. I’m really excited to share my experiences with everyone and hopefully my stories will convince you that Harvard is the best place to bring your talents!