Esther Um

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Cambridge, MA


Harvard Persephone (Classics Journal), Small Claims Advisory Service (part of PBHA), Abigail Adams Institute's Wollstonecraft Project, Harvard Asian Baptist Student Koinonia (ABSK)




Hi, my name is Esther, and I'm from Cambridge, MA. I am a recent graduate who studied Classics, and I love thinking and talking about anything to do with words, language, reading, and writing. I am involved with the Harvard classics journal, the Small Claims Advisory Service, the Abigail Adams Institute, and Harvard Asian Baptist Student Koinonia, a Bible study group on campus. When I'm not studying ancient (not dead!) languages or wandering around one of Harvard's many libraries, I enjoy baking, volunteering at my old elementary school, playing the cello, or exploring the best restaurants in town.

Even though I'm from Cambridge, I spent part of my high school years being homeschooled abroad, so I am particularly passionate about reaching out to international students, homeschooled students, or any students coming from non-traditional academic backgrounds. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have about being in college, being in Cambridge, or being at Harvard!