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International Students

Affordable, Wherever You are From

We strive to create a diverse campus community, which is why we bring promising students from around the world to Harvard—regardless of financial circumstances.

As an international student, we know you face additional costs to attend Harvard. We will help you cover the gap between your family’s resources and the cost of attendance.

By completing an aid application for foreign students, you help us assess your financial need and ensure we provide the right level of support for you.

Prospective students

International students are eligible for the same amount of aid as US students, and the application process is essentially the same.

Follow our prospective student application instructions to apply online.

If the fee associated with the online application in any way creates a hardship, please follow this alternate set of instructions for paper submission.

Current students

Help us get an accurate picture of your family’s current financial situation so we can continue to meet your financial need each year.

Follow our current student application instructions to apply online.


Facts About Financial Aid


Amount that parents making less than $65,000 are expected to contribute.

Ninety percent of American families would pay the same or less to send their children to Harvard as they would a state school.


Get step-by-step tips for completing your application.