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Inno, HFAI Coordinator

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Harvard African Students Association (HASA), Harvard Undergraduate Machine Intelligence Club (HUMIC), Harvard Futsal Club.


Computer Science


Kamwene! My name is Innocent (Inno), and I am a junior at Harvard College studying computer science. I hail from Tanzania. What I wrote up there in italics is my Kihehe (native language) salutation, translating to "Greetings!". Outside of class, I am involved with the Harvard African Students Association (HASA), the Harvard Undergraduate Machine Intelligence Club (HUMIC), and the Harvard Futsal Club. In addition to working as an HFAI Senior Student Coordinator, I am one of the Head Teaching Fellows for one of my favorite classes so far, CS50 (Introduction to Computer Science), which I took during my first year. As a low-income, international student and the first in my family to attend college in the US, I hope to use what I have experienced so far to discuss student life at Harvard and help prospective students understand how financial aid works at Harvard as well as navigate the application process in general.