Maria Perez Franco

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Dallas, TX


Study Abroad Ambassador, Latinas Unidas




Hi everyone! My name is María Pérez Franco and I’m a senior living in Currier House concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Sociology. I was born in Guatemala, but moved to Dallas, Texas with my mom and two older brothers when I was three. I’m one of the student coordinators for the Harvard First Generation Program and am also a Student Adviser for the Office of International Education since I studied abroad in Paris last spring. During my time at Harvard, I’ve studied both French and Portuguese and have been able to put my native Spanish skills to use by interpreting for the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program. When I’m not in class, you can usually find me exploring the city, either by going to concerts or scoping out different restaurants. Through my connection with first-gen and cultural groups on campus, I have been able to find a warm and welcoming community and have developed incredible friendships. I hope to share my experiences with anyone who might have a similar experience and wants to know more about being a first-gen college student. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!