Community Message



UPDATED 9/15/15 at 10:38 a.m.


September 14, 2015

Dear Harvard College Students,

I know that any words I offer cannot capture the pain and grief so many of us are feeling with Luke Tang’s passing. At the same time, I have been heartened over the past two days to see how our community has come together in the wake of this difficult news and how we have turned toward each other in grieving and dealing with this loss. In each moment, I have been humbled by your kindness to each other, proud of the way you have stepped in to support one another, and touched by the thoughtful memories so many of you have shared of Luke and his life - his kindness, his intelligence, and his humanity.

In the wake of Luke’s passing, our community is beginning the difficult work of healing. I want to remind you that there is no right way to grieve, and certainly no timetable for coming to terms with our loss. Each of us, myself included, is finding our own way to honor and remember Luke. Your friends in Lowell and other houses, including our housemasters, tutors, house deans, freshmen deans, and proctors have been engaged in reflective conversation. Many of Luke’s groups of friends are coming together to think about how to memorialize and remember him.

I want to let you know that the College will place large, blank, upright boards outside Memorial Church and in the Lowell Junior common room starting tomorrow morning for members of our community to inscribe our memories of Luke and kind words for his family. In addition, I would like to share with you of the College’s grievance support resources.

Details of Luke’s memorial service will be communicated in the coming days.

Dean Khurana