Harvard College Welcomes Emily Miller



May 1, 2015

Dear Harvard College Students,

I am excited to announce that Emily Miller has accepted our offer to serve as the College’s full-time Title IX Coordinator, starting on May 11th.

As many of you know, Emily has served part-time in this capacity since 2013, coordinating the College’s compliance with Title IX and advising you of the resources and options that exist for those affected by or having questions about sexual harassment including sexual assault. Concurrently, she has also served as a case manager in the Office of the Secretary of the Administrative Board, organizing case materials for misconduct cases involving academic dishonesty.

The full-time Title IX Coordinator position is new to Harvard College, following a number of important changes in the oversight of Title IX compliance at the College and University. In addition to the launch of the Office for Sexual and Gender-Based Dispute Resolution (ODR) within the University Title IX Office and the creation of President Faust’s Presidential Task Force, increasing staff at the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (OSAPR), and launching the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Education Website (SHARE), this new full-time position will help improve the College’s efforts to both prevent and respond to possible sexual harassment.

In her new role and in coordination with the University’s Title IX Officer, Emily will continue the important work of overseeing Harvard College’s Title IX compliance efforts, including receiving and promptly responding to notice of potential discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity, assessing potential ongoing concerns for members of the community and taking steps to address them promptly and effectively. Under the FAS procedures for handling complaints involving students pursuant to the Sexual Harassment Policy and as Title IX Coordinator, Emily is also a key point of contact during the life of an ODR complaint. Lastly, with the shift to full-time, Emily will be well positioned to expand the array of ongoing training and consultation on Title IX to College campus constituencies with the goal of ensuring that all members of our community are aware of resources, policies, and procedures to prevent sexual harassment including sexual assault at the College.

In addition, I'd like to remind you of the importance of participating in Harvard University’s Sexual Conduct Survey, which runs through May 3, 2015. In a video message, Conan O’Brien recently encouraged you to take the survey.

I am grateful that Emily has agreed to take on this important role. Please join me in thanking her.

Dean Khurana