House Master Title Change



December 1, 2015

Dear Harvard College Students,

I write on behalf of myself and my fellow residential House leaders to let you know that the House Masters have unanimously expressed a desire to change their title. This request has the full support of President Drew Faust and approval of FAS Dean Michael D. Smith. In the coming weeks, the College will launch a process in which members of the House leaders’ docket committee, working with a senior College team member and the House leadership community as a whole, will suggest a new title that reflects the current realities of the role.

The desire to change this title has taken place over time and has been a thoughtful one, rooted in a broad effort to ensure that the College's rhetoric, expectations, and practices around our historically unique roles reflects and serves the 21st century needs of residential student life. The House Masters feel confident that a change in title at this point in time makes sense on very many levels.

We look forward now to working both with the administration and with all of you on other efforts to assess, update, and renew the serious work we all joyfully do, living among you and setting the tone for community life in each of your Houses.

Dean Khurana

Judy and Sean Palfrey, Adams House
Stephanie Khurana, Cabot House
Elizabeth Ross and Richard Wrangham, Currier House
Doreen and James Hogle, Dudley House
Roger and Ann Porter, Dunster House
Gail O’Keefe and Doug Melton, Eliot House
Tom and Verena Conley, Kirkland House
Howard and Ann Georgi, Leverett House
Diana Eck and Dorothy Austin, Lowell House
Michael Rosengarten and Christie McDonald, Mather House
Anne Harrington and John Durant, Pforzheimer House
Lee and Deb Gehrke, Quincy House
Ronald Sullivan and Stephanie Robinson, Winthrop House