On my Thanksgiving Menu: Gratitude



Dear Harvard College Students,

Each year on Thanksgiving, I gather with my family and friends to rest and reflect on the past year, and to give thanks for what we have and for each other. This year, I will be giving thanks for each of you and your unique contributions to our Harvard College community. Each of you inspires me and gives me hope for the future.

Because so much of everyday life is focused on what is urgent and immediate, it is easy to lose the thread of what is important and to take for granted what is good and hopeful.   I hope that we never take for granted the things that make our community so special: a firm foundation of intellectual curiosity; a belief in intellectual freedom; a deep commitment to inclusivity; and our shared commitment to improving our world. 

Whether you are traveling a great distance, staying close to Cambridge, or remaining on campus for the holiday, I want to wish you a safe and joyful respite. I look forward to sharing the last few weeks of the semester with you.

Dean Khurana
Danoff Dean of Harvard College