Reminder of Policies and Procedures



Dear Harvard College Students, 

In recent weeks, we have received questions about protests and disruptions on campus. Our academic community is governed by certain rules, which are articulated in the University-Wide Statement on Rights and Responsibilities, as President Gay reminded us in her November 3rd message. We are writing to reaffirm that the College will continue to enforce all rules according to regular procedures.

These rules are crucial as they foster open dialogue and freedom of speech, essential conditions for exploring diverse perspectives, seeking truth, and creating a better world.

We remain committed to supporting free speech; these rights are reaffirmed in the FAS Free Speech Guidelines.

We recognize this has been an incredibly challenging time for our community, and we hope this provides clarity. If you have further questions, please reach out to us.

Semper Veritas,

Rakesh Khurana 
Danoff Dean of Harvard College

Amanda Claybaugh 
Dean of Undergraduate Education 
Zemurray Stone Radcliffe
Professor of English

Thomas Dunne
Dean of Students