Supporting Our Community



Dear Harvard College Students,

As the Dean of Harvard College and as a first-generation immigrant born to parents who were once refugees, I am both saddened and alarmed by Friday’s Executive Order on immigrants and refugees. As this situation evolves, I know that many in our community are grappling with uncertainty and confusion along with millions of people across the world.

I urge you to read President Faust’s powerful letter outlining the steps we are taking to support those affected by the Order. The College is working closely with the University’s International Office to get clarity on the evolving situation and guidance on how best to support individuals in our community. We want to ensure that we are providing you with accurate information.

Harvard’s diversity is our strength, just as the diversity of this nation is its strength. Prejudice—in any form—weakens us all. We must stand up for our values, and be resolute in our commitment to inclusion and mutual respect for all.

Dean Khurana